April Post – Did Someone Say Handies!?

Robofap Game Dev, Journal

Hey everybody,

Last month we had our noses to the grind preparing the last major tester version of our first public JOI demo release candidate! Hence the late post.

Keep your eyes open in the coming weeks for something big, as the next post is coming really soon!

Handies are on the menu!

In the latest demo, the JOI sequence has been revamped with more options, new branches and better reactions. This was made possible with the help of our new node based editor developed to make OhBits (our in-house dialogue system) easier to use.

For now we are using it merely to keep direct references to dialogue assets and visualize the connections between them; but just this has made it exponentially easier to manage everything and keep track of all the moving parts; especially when story and other elements are implemented at a later date, this will enable an incredibly structured workflow.

More progress towards hands-free gameplay

We’re still committed to ultimately making this a hands free experience for those with Bluetooth toys, and at the very least for those that don’t, keeping your hands free for “other tasks.” So in this version you’ll notice an experimental first version of our voice commands system!

Note that this does not replace any existing gameplay elements, you will always have the option to interact via your mouse and keyboard. This feature is merely intended to make the sex scenes more enjoyable for those who enjoy a more hands off approach.

If you’re interested in trying it out, open up the debug panel in-game, go to the “Misc.” tab and press the “Voice Command On / Off” button.

For now only choices, reactions and moving the dialogue forward works. Most are still limited specifically to the text seen on most of the buttons as we haven’t had the chance to update them all with relevant keywords yet. Still give it a try, and let us know what you think!
Note: Voice recognition will support many more languages when we finally enable localization.

Debug panel additions

We have added a slew of new options to the debug panel. We’re not going to go into detail about all of them, but here are a few key features you might enjoy.

Although there isn’t a free play mode available yet, you can already access many of the features that it will be made of!

The debug panel can be accessed by pressing the “`” key on your keyboard, or via the debug panel button in the pause menu.

1. You can summon the stroke visualizer (this is needed for sex poses and stroke patterns to work)
2. You can change the stroke pattern and speed
– You’ll notice immediate changes on your Bluetooth toys if you have them enabled and connected.
– Bluetooth can be enabled in the main menu and pause menu

3. You can try individual sex poses at any time
4. You can enable manual camera control
5. You can try out voice commands

*!* Note: We recommend you avoid the “Debug” and “Status” tabs for now, unless you want to break the game. Please don’t submit bug reports after messing with these tabs, unless you really know what you’re doing.

Public demo release!

the first public early access release for our JOI demo is right around the corner!

Sound effects

The sound effects integration is still our next priority, but it had to take a back seat this month so we could prepare the major test release to coincide with this dev log. So expect massive additions to the soundscape very soon!

V0.37 (tester)

PC build
  • A prototype of voice commands (aka: hands free controls) can be unlocked via the debug panel to allow you to trigger reaction options by saying them out loud.
All builds
  • The reaction system has been completely overhauled! Check April’s dev log for all the details.
  • The tutorial for the crystal ball was overhauled and now happens on your second JOI sequences instead of in the First play introduction. 
  • If you are not connected to the internet, the crystal ball dialogues will adapt in consequence.

All builds
  • The buttons on the right side of the feedback form have been removed for the sake of simplicity.
  • When summoning and dismissing the reactions rapidly, they will no longer vanish
  • No more debug errors in the cum together countdown phase
  • Estelle’s limbs do not inter-penetrate her body as much now.
  • Nordic Keyboard layouts should not interfere with the debug panel anymore.
  • Reactions will no longer make the dialogue box disappear .
  • Creating a custom image gallery for the Crystal Ball is now foolproof!
  • Tweaked Labia morph and dildo size to fix Interpenetration in various poses.
  • Close up camera views behave as intended now.
  • The reset player prefs in the debug panel now works as intended and resets the game to a fresh build.
  • Estelle and the stroker will no longer get out of sync and snap when getting the first instruction of a JOI session, pressing the pause menu or during a stop instruction.
  • Estelle’s body will no longer contort strangely when resetting to the main menu from a JOI session.
  • Tweaked the Arousal filter to look less “drunk” when at 100% arousal.
  • Zoom in free mode now goes even closer than before!
  • Reactions are now only shown during instructions, as intended.

PC build
  • (stopped investigating) Connected Lush 3 turns on when pressing the start button even if it was not vibrating in play mode.
All builds
  • (stopped investigating) Red-light Green-light instructions sometimes do not have comments.