June Post – Free Play!

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Don’t forget!

In case you missed the last months post, the JOI demo is out and you can try it right now!

PC version: https://joi-demo-download.lustboundgame.com
WebGL: https://bit.ly/joi-demo-webgl

Also, if you haven’t already done so, please remember to fill out our survey to let us know your impressions so far. This really helps us when deciding on our next priorities.

This month we’re keeping the Dev log short and sweet. We do have a new feature that so many of you have been asking for, but much of our time last month was dedicated to doing some long overdue upkeep on the project.

Free Play!

The JOI demo finally has an official mode for Free Play!

While waiting for more gameplay modes besides red light green light, you can now experience the sex gameplay and Bluetooth sex toys in a more straightforward way.

In free play mode you can easily choose Estelle’s pose, speed and movement pattern as well as rotate the camera freely around her.

Free play is currently available only to Patrons, and can be accessed through the main menu.

Project upkeep

Firstly, we’ve been reviewing all of your feedback from the JOI demo release. A special thanks goes out to all of you who have been submitting bug reports and feedback.

We’ve been striking down bugs, both minor and severe. The demo thus far is getting pretty solid thanks to all of your reports.

Design docs

Along with the help of your feedback, we’ve been reviewing our existing game design and solidifying what the feature set will include in upcoming iterations of Lustbound. We’re excited to reveal more as the game grows!

Game engine update

We are currently three generations behind the latest version of Unity, and some of the plugins we use are no longer supported and updated in our version of Unity which has been giving us some headaches.

This combined with the fact that there are some really exciting packages that we’ve been dying to use in the project, have led to us finally taking the dive.

We take updating very seriously as you’ve likely seen in other game projects the damage a botched update can cause, which is why we’ve been tackling the update within a separate branch of the project. So don’t worry, we will be continuing releases from the existing stable branch in the older version of Unity until the updated project is ready and well tested.


  • Free Play mode is here! You can access it through the main menu by connecting through Patreon.

  • Bluetooth connection is now a one way process, since closing the client manually was causing trouble.
All builds
  • Crystal ball sequence will no longer break on first play when the player cannot see the tutorial due to lack of internet connectivity.
  • Fixed ‘’congratulations” spelling mistake
  • Simplified feedback form not authorized text

  • Now that all screen ratios including ultra wide are supported, we are shelving any feature relating to the choice of resolution for now. This may be revisited in the future.
  • As far as we can tell, the OSR2 is not Bluetooth compatible and therefore will not work with the game.
  • If you are still running Intiface Desktop with your connected device in the background, you will not be able to connect your Bluetooth toy to the game.
  • We have noticed that some Bluetooth dongles refuse to work with the game. Switching to a 2.0 port and/or using a different dongle has solved the issue for many users; however there are still unknowns that appear to be out of our control. If you are experiencing issues, please let us know so we can collect additional information to try and find a solution.

  • We will be looking into making the dialogue box less obstructive to the visuals on the screen.
  • Adding a slider for the audio settings is on top of our priorities for the new sound system.