January Update – New Year Magic

Robofap Game Dev, Journal

Happy new year everyone!

The holiday season is always a bit hectic and this one was no exception, but we are so excited to be back in the office and are already getting back into our stride.

This past month was mainly focused on adding variety and versatility to our animation system.

Stroke Patterns

We’ve been adding more stroke patterns for the animation system to choose from, and since we haven’t really emphasized the power of patterns yet, check this out!

Notice the variation we can get from just a single pose by simply feeding the animation system different stroke patterns!

The other benefit is that when using your Bluetooth sex toys, many of these patterns offer truly unique sensations that you just can’t find in standard Funscript videos!

Crystal Ball – Finishing Touches

The crystal ball has been upgraded, making it functionally complete. Players can now change their minds if they chose a portal type they didn’t intend to, or just desire to see something different.

This can be done at the beginning of the JOI sequence, using dialogue to communicate your wishes; or at any time through the newly added portal settings menu, which can be accessed via the spyglass icon found in the crystal ball control panel.

New Poses

We created a couple of new dynamic poses this past month as well. The first is a doggy style type position, but with Estelle in control.

The second pose is actually a variant of one of our existing poses, and acts as a proof of concept for the newly added ability for Estelle to touch herself while having sex!

These variations to each pose can be created and added quite quickly, so we’ll be able to add a lot of variety by just offering subtle variations of existing poses. Don’t worry though, we’re going to be offering completely new poses on a regular basis as well.

Position Swapping Magic

Until we’re able to have Estelle smoothly transitioning between sex positions, we needed a way to make the pose changes less harsh, visually speaking. For this we’ve added a sexy magical cloud effect so that she can poof in and out of view while she’s getting ready between sex positions!

Facial Expressions

We also worked on giving Estelle more personality and visual appeal by introducing the ability to stack facial expressions on top of our animation system.

The poses were already looking pretty great, but now that she can express her excitement and horniness they’ve taken on a whole new level of immersion!

Facial controls were also necessary in order for blowjob poses to look believable, so you can expect Estelle to be practicing her oral sex techniques and showing off her skills real soon!

Bluetooth Toy Support

The creator of Buttplug.io, has graciously showed us how to keep the Unity version of the plugin up to date with the official release manually; so we have now updated the plugin to include many of the more recent sex toys on the market.

Thanks to one of our wonderful testers, we have confirmed that the Svakom Alex Neo is not currently compatible with Lustbound, and won’t be for the foreseeable future. This is because the Alex Neo is an oscillator based sex toy, and as of now Buttplug does not yet offer fine control over these types of toys. This is worth keeping in mind if you are on the market for a new shiny toy to use with Bluetooth enabled content.

Camera System

We got a little side tracked with the facial expression and animation systems, and we did not get to work on the camera system as much as we had planned to last month; so up next you can expect us to be creating the camera system we spoke of in our last dev blog.

More Poses and Facial Expressions

We’ll be continually adding more sex positions and facial expressions to round out Estelle’s arsenal of poses.

V0.33 (internal)

All builds
  • The Crystal ball question at the beginning of the JOI sequence now allows the player to change their mind between presets and typed requests.
  • The Crystal ball image search can now be modified during a JOI session via the spyglass icon at the top right, on the crystal ball control panel.
  • Alternative choices now allows the user to react to Estelle’s choice selection and propose alternatives to her.
  • Changing sex positions and poses now uses a magical visual effect to mask the transition.
  • The report button is now available at all times, including the Exit screen .
  • 2 new sex poses have been added to the sequence; Cowgirl for the Redlight-Greenlight portion and Reverse cow girl during climax.

PC build
  • There is now a force quit button when the game detects the user wants to quit but the game is having trouble with the Bluetooth toy. (best solution until Buttplug.io dev releases real fix)
  • The Unity SDK for Buttplug.io has been updated to support the latest toys, but they may not all behave as expected. *see Acknowledged section for more details.
  • Double clicking the “No” button when exiting will not reopen the exit screen.
All builds
  • The image portal can’t stay permanently small when spamming the dismiss button anymore.
  • Loading wheel no longer gets stuck on screen when the image portal is dismissed while a new image is loading.
  • Image portal no longer restarts minimized if sequence was previously stopped or restarted while image portal was minimized.

  • Request to display the speed of the Crystal ball slideshow in seconds : This is not possible when the images are coming from the internet search, instead we made 5 speed settings going from 0 to 4, where 0 is paused and 4 is the fastest interval, averaging at about 2 sec. per image.
  • Oscillator toys such as the Svakom Alex Neo are not currently compatible with Lustbound. Though they may connect, they will not behave as expected.