January Update – Happy New Year!

Robofap Journal, Updates

Happy new year everyone!

We wish you all a wonderful year filled with new adventures, good health and an infinite well of happiness in everything you do!

What have we been up to?

2020 started with a lot of planning and accounting for us, nothing super sexy for you to read about unfortunately… apart from the fact that we are currently negotiating a very interesting partnership with an angel investor!

Ever since we announced in November that we would have to take Nudica a bit slower than we wished, Robo and I have been brainstorming ways to finance our sexy projects… and finally, with the new year, our wishes may have been answered!

We can’t divulge too much just yet since we are still in negotiations, but with our new friend’s involvement, we will be able to dedicate a much greater portion of our time to developing a super awesome sex simulator using all the fun features you have seen us toying with over the last year.

What does this partnership entail?

Our new friend has assured us that the vision and artistry behind our games will remain our own. He wants us to be 100% in control of how we handle the features and production of our game. We are really excited about this because we rarely see people who are willing to invest in a game without inevitably changing the end product in some way or another.

What does this mean for the animated graphic novel? (Story Module)

For now, we are focusing all of our energy into securing this partnership and solidifying our game design using our existing modules, the Customization and Sex Module. We will be spending time streamlining both of them to create our Alpha version.

This means shelving the Story Module for a bit.

The script for the hot and steamy fanfic I cooked up last summer won’t be forgotten. I still want to illustrate it one day, but in light of recent crackdowns by Patreon, I think steering away from the subject matter of sexual violence and death is probably a good idea for now… Who came up with that idea in the first place…? CERTAINLY NOT ME!! 0.0

That being said, we are still planning on using the Animated Graphic Novel tools Robo whipped up a little further down the road when our shiny new game gets a story mode!

What can you expect in the near future?

Soon we will be able to officially announce the partnership! We will be able to talk to you in greater detail how this will be affecting the way we run things here on Patreon and what exactly the new game will be.

In the meantime, we will be posting some polls and some progress pics of our pre-production phase for you guys to enjoy!

We are very excited about this opportunity and we hope you are too! This finally means we can start refusing contracts and focus on creating this great sexy adventure we set out to do almost a year ago. We are so grateful to have you guys joining us on this journey!