December Update – Character Incoming!

Robofap Game Dev, Updates

Animation System

We’ve nearly completed the first iteration of our inverse kinematics based dynamic animation system. We realize that is quite a mouthful, so we’ve named it “IKy Sticky” for short!

We’re really excited about this because it lets us prioritize having an actual character rather than a simple silhouette in our first release.

You’ve probably also noticed the revamped model of classic Estelle. We’ve taken the best of everything we’ve learned and created, and reworked her existing model to suit the new requirements for IKy Sticky. She will keep getting better, but for now she’s sexy as hell and eager to please!

Revamped Layout

Giving more screen space to Estelle

Now that we have started adding character art to the main experience, we think it’s about time to start shifting more of the focus to Estelle, rather than the stroker and magic image portal. Both are still part of the game sequence, but Estelle is now featured front and center in all of her glory.

Toy Support

We’ve dramatically improved the implementation of vibrator based toys! While stoker type toys like the Handy already matched the action on screen almost perfectly, vibrators felt like they were missing just a little something special… Until now!

You’ll find the vibes from vibrators such as the Lush 3 match the sex on screen much more fluidly and accurately, and with more intensity. They’ve even been extensively Pinkalie tested and approved

JOI instructions

The Sequence now features a synchronized climax where Estelle will guide you to hold your edge until the very end! She will still enjoy every bit of you coming early, but hold off just a little longer and experience the fireworks as you both cum in unison!

More Poses

Now that we’ve got a pretty solid foundation for making animation poses, we’ll be creating additional sex positions to add variety and excitement to each encounter. We’ll be pushing the system to its limits, so be on the lookout!

The current goal is to add (at least) one fleshed out pose per month. Of course these are a lot more dynamic than what you’re used to with the “usual” poses in games like Koikatsu; meaning one pose can do way more than just “play a single animation.”

Camera System

With a beautiful character taking center stage, we need a better way to show her off. The new camera system will make more choices independently of the current story sequence, resulting in more varied and dynamic angles and positions.

The camera system will also feature points of interest. This will allow the story sequence to still keep some control over the camera by allowing it to focus on the characters face or other body parts when it makes sense to do so.

V0.32 (internal)

PC build
  • The Lush 3 and other vibrator toys now match the sex on screen much more fluidly and accurately, and with more intensity!
All builds
  • The first iteration of the revamped classic Estelle model is now in game!
  • The IKy-Sticky system lets Estelle move in unison with the Stroke Visualizer, allowing her to ride, suck, stroke, touch and get pounded!
  • The bug quest and debug tool (only available on bug testing build) are now only available in the main menu and pause menu.
  • The synchronized climax Instructions now feature Estelle counting down as you both edge to reach your peaks simultaneously!

PC build
  • The game will not hang on quit when a Bluetooth toy was enabled during the play session.
  • Playing on a French device no longer results in faulty dialogues appearing.
  • The Lush 3 and other vibrator toys wont keep vibrating while paused.
All builds
  • Rapidly spamming reset will no longer dismiss the dialogue box
  • The localization documents have now been merged into one
  • Estelle no longer assumes you identify as a male, she now uses gender neutral pronouns.
  • Asking Estelle to go faster no longer resets the microphase timer, instead it pauses and will resume with the sequence.
  • It is no longer possible to spam the ‘’go faster’’ reaction once you’ve reached maximum speed.
  • The peach logo on the main menu no longer blocks the top two buttons.

  • Was not able to reproduce the Pink timer icon showing on top of the  Crystal ball bug that was visible at the beginning of the Red light – Green light intro, preventing the game from continuing. Need more reproduction steps.
  • Feedback: larger crystal ball:
    • We will not be adding more functionality to the crystal ball. This is because the new 3D character model and the IKy-Sticky animation feature will now be taking the center stage on screen going forward. The crystal ball will be left as a complimentary visual stimulation, but won’t be the main event.
  • Adding a pause button while using toys.
    • You can already pause the game by pressing Esc or pressing the icon at the top left of the screen. If you resume the session, the game will pick up right where you left off. If we misunderstood this feature request, please don’t hesitate to contact us and elaborate a bit more on the issue!
  • Minor bug: being able to scroll past the scroll view limits in the credits and dialogue history panel.
    • It is indeed too minor and does not break the game in any way.

  • Adding a reaction to changing your mind about your crystal ball choice during the intro phase.
  • Adding the ability to change the search term of the crystal ball during a JOI session.