March Update

Robofap Journal, Updates

Hey Guys!

We’re excited to bring everyone up to date on what we’ve been up to here at Nudica. We’ve been laying the groundwork for something truly special and oh so tantalizing.

Firstly… the project finally has an official code name! “Drumroll please…” we present to you, Lustbound!

Lustbound Title.

We hope that Lustbound embodies the overall experience we’re trying to create; all the lust, passion and pleasure where you’ll be headed with your chosen partner. “Bound” isn’t meant to imply rope play, but that’s not to say there won’t be any… 😉

Making Progress

As you may have already heard, we’ve been carefully migrating our customization system to a well known, full featured framework. Pinkalie is hard at work testing new ideas and pushing the boundaries of the new system. She’s been integrating a work in progress female model and the results look extremely promising so far…!

Rough Start… 😛

Hahaha just joking, this was actually what the character looked like when we first integrated her in Unity at the beginning of the month! Here is a GIF of the actual progress so far:

Download the video!

We now have an animated body, with customisable features like hair! Each hairstyle will be able to have unique customisable features, such as the bangs length, the hair strands in a ponytail and much more! Though this is just a proof of concept, we want to add many more possibilities in the future such as swappable parts to the hair, so you can mix and match!

Hair Modularity Concept

Advantages of New Framework

While we already talked about the new framework and its many advantages in a previous article, some of you expressed that it was too text heavy; so we’re going to summarize what this means for Lustbound.

– An easier to learn pipeline makes hiring people or encouraging community creation of clothing and accessories much more straightforward and less time consuming.
– Less code needed on a per item basis, as the system will automatically handle some of the legwork.
– Way more body customization possibilities than before!
– Easier to add new morphs over time without having to go back and update all the old items. Even in the cases where this is required, we’ve found a much simpler way to handle it.
– Smaller, more optimized textures for tiny details such as tattoos and scars etc.
– Ability to hide underlying mesh data. This means tighter clothing and no more skin poking through clothing!
– More variety in breast types and genitals.
– Cleaner workflow means easier modding support down the line.


While fully supporting mods out of the box is not something we’re actively working on yet, we are taking note of what would be required to make it possible, and taking all of this into consideration while revamping our character system. We’ve heard a lot of great suggestions from you guys as well, and it’s all going into our idea bank.

Different Styles

Robo has also been working on new shaders to allow for some alternative visual styles. We’re still not sure if we’re going to settle on a single hybrid style or end up offering multiple style choices, but we’ll be asking for your input when we have more concrete examples ready.

Relationship Mechanics

One last thing… we need your input on relationship mechanics! We’ve been playing popular games that feature dating and relationships, and we’re trying to find a fun refreshing formula that will do away with the tired old visual novel / “give me presents until I’m wet for you” gameplay.

If you have good examples that we can learn from, please share them with us!

Pink and Robo