Small Detour

Robofap Journal

Hey everyone!

Our apartment issues have been taken care of and It feels great to be back! Having been away for a month, we’ve had time to take a step back and reassess our project. Our ultimate vision has not changed, but we’ve decided to take a small detour to renew your faith in us and to get our creative juices flowing again.

What do we have planned?

We’re going to be tackling a short fan fiction / interactive graphic novel based on a beloved franchise that we’re sure you’ll all be familiar with and quite fond of. Since we’ll be telling a story full of gratuitous sex, this will overlap nicely with the development of both our sex and story modules.

Story module icon.Story module icon.

This is going to give us room to breathe, and an opportunity to stretch our creative muscles without being bogged down by the technical and modular aspects of our main character system. We’re very excited to be creating a smaller, more self contained release. After you guys have had first dibs on it, we’ll have something that we can finally share publicly on more visible platforms such as Newgrounds.

As for the theme… I was personally very surprised when Pinkalie approached me with a darker, more visceral fantasy in mind; but I personally love the idea, and after having discussed it with many of you on Discord, I have no doubt that people will appreciate the end product.

Pink has been actively exploring more of her personal kinks, and at the same time warming up to more of my own devious ideas. Does she have some landlord related anger issues to work out after the past month? Maybe! Her story seems to reflect some of this and I think it will be the perfect outlet. I’m totally on board!

Where is Estelle?

Since Pinkalie will be designing all new characters for this particular story, Estelle is going to be taking a little time off for herself. While we can’t wait to work with her again in our next project, we hope she takes this time to catch upon some long needed tender loving care; we’ve been teasing her for far too long, she deserves some release!

Naughty Estelle masturbating.

Treating herself to some much needed TLC

What to expect!

Pink will be going back to streaming again on a weekly basis. This Tuesday‘s stream was refreshing, and she’s thinking of upping it to twice a week. She has also started doing daily speed sculpts to stay sharp and get used to her new tools, so that should be fun to follow.

Patreon or SubscribeStar will be reactivated in September. Because of the change in focus, we’ll be temporarily reorganizing the rewards to better reflect what you guys can expect from us for the duration of this particular project.

The format of the short graphic novel will allow us to segment our content into more frequent releases. We’ll be openly sharing the process with you guys, including page by page layouts, dialogues, sketches, and individual animations for each story panel. I’m also designing the GN story module to be mobile compatible, so supporters can expect a mobile release too!

We are super excited to get back into the groove, and we hope to rock your world while we’re at it!

Robo and Pink