Rewards and Releases

Robofap Community

Hey everyone!

Development continues to move forward smoothly, and we’re currently streamlining how we release various builds and reward our supporters.

Reward Time!

In game phone custom text messages.You may have noticed the mobile phone in the latest version of Companion After Dark. This was put in place so that we could fulfill our rewards promises to you!

Admirers now have the opportunity to provide a custom message along with their name that will appear as a text message on the phone screen for the whole world to see. Sweethearts and Lovers can spice this up even further by providing a custom avatar image to accompany the message, as well as customizing the message bubble and text color!

If you are a Patron or Subscriber and would like to have your message featured in our game, please send us a private message with the following info:

For Lovers, Sweethearts and Admirers

– Your name
– Your message

Additional info for Lovers and Sweethearts

– Your avatar as URL (JPEG format, 64 x 64 pixels, URL hosted on Imgur like so: ““)
– Bubble color in HEX Code (like so: “#000000”)
– Text color in HEX Code (like so: “#000000”)

Releases, versions and moving forward

Clothing removal visual effect.As for releases, we are trying our best to reward you guys with meaningful exclusive content, while at the same time releasing quality content to the public to attract others to our projects.

Seeing as we’re still in the early stages of development, we need public releases to showcase the quality of our work. This means that certain exclusive builds will eventually be released publicly for exposure. Rest assured however, we are going to be working hard to follow a better versioning system, with smaller, more frequent updates for supporters!

We are so grateful to all of you who have been supporting and encouraging us since we began our dev journey, and we want to make sure we express our appreciation through our releases!