November Update – Animation & More!

Robofap Game Dev, Updates

PC version

The PC build has finally gone out to testers! They are currently testing Bluetooth toy compatibility and helping us work out some last minute bugs.

Performance improvements

The performance of the WebGL build has improved dramatically, and we’ve moved to a new more powerful server which has fixed loading issues altogether!

Build pipeline and versioning

We’ve also been perfecting our build pipeline. If any of you have worked in the Industry, you know how important it is to have a solid pipeline for working with branches to make sure your stable, hotfix and tester versions all stay separate and well organized. This means we are getting closer than ever to the first public version!

Squashed bugs

A ton of nasty bugs have been squashed, many minor and some not so minor; even a sneaky memory leak caused by reactions that would have caused a lot of crashes and headaches down the line if it weren’t for our awesome testers!

Quality of life improvements

We’ve also introduced a number of quality of life improvements, such as support for more characters in the image portal search terms and player name input field, feedback form improvements, and many more small improvements that will make it feel smooth when you finally get your hands on it.


We’ve got a few scenario elements in the works to tie up loose ends in the dialogue, including simultaneous orgasm instructions with Estelle!


We’re also working on finishing our dynamic animation system we’ve codename “IKy Sticky!“ You’ll most likely finally get to see Estelle playing with herself, getting railed, riding and cumming to your stroking in the initial public release!

The only thing to keep in mind is that she will still be a silhouette until we get her artwork finalized

Voice recognition (early preview)

It may be a little early to talk about this in much depth, but we have big plans for improving the hands free experience!

We already have Voice recognition and commands working in Unity, we’re just working on how best to bring it into the game to allow you the player to communicate directly with Estelle.

Imagine being able to ask her to slow down, go faster, or keep going just the way you like it while you’re coming; she’ll be able to react to your words directly through your Bluetooth toys!

Improved game architecture

We’ve been gradually decoupling our systems and going with a more modular approach to our code. This is a huge improvement, and it not only makes plugging the existing demo systems into the main game much easier, it also makes adding new systems much simpler and quite a bit faster!

Gender pronoun customization

Finally, we’ve had a number of requests for more gender representation in the game. Ultimately we want to be more inclusive, so we’ll be taking baby steps towards this goal.
To start with we’ve begun working on gender pronoun customization. Basically when you are referred to in game, it won’t just assume you are male, but instead will refer to you by your chosen pronouns.

V0.31 (tester)

PC build
  • The Bluetooth Toy functionalities are in! You can now connect any supported toys with our game and enjoy hands free gameplay!
  • Added an “Exit Full Screen” button in game
WebGL Build
  • 16:9 aspect ratio is now automatically enforced within browser tab
  • Game window now fills entire browser tab for a better more immersive experience
  • Full screen toggle is now visible on top of game window at all times
All builds
  • The Red-Light Green-Light JOI Gameplay is here!
  • Reactions can be used to interact with Estelle and ask her to change the speed of the stroke visualizer
  • Estelle’s excitement will rise as the JOI session progresses eventually culminating into an orgasm
  • Conversation history panel was added to the top left corner of the screen
  • Dialogue can now be advanced using the “Space” or “Return” keys
  • Dialogue panel now has interaction sounds
  • Menus featuring a close button can now also be dismissed via the “Escape” key or by pressing on the background
  • The feedback form now pauses the game
  • Added a link to the FlashBangZ Discord server in the About Lustbound page
  • Polished the flow of dialogue after a Reaction to get back to Red-light Green-light instructions
  • Bug report now scrollable
  • Added notes in the text of unfinished dialogue branches to avoid confusion with actual dialogue bugs!

PC build
  • You can now copy and paste text into the feedback form, and various input fields
  • Starting Bluetooth client and exiting via main menu no longer freezes the app
  • Game should now default to the correct resolution for your monitor
    The Lush 3 will no longer vibrate when on a red light
WebGL Build
  • WebGL version now loads much faster due to better host server
  • No longer gets stuck midway during initial download
  • Loading bar now fills smoothly over time instead of snapping to 30% increments
All builds
  • Sequence can no longer go into rapid fire mode due to spamming the enter key
  • Game no longer soft locks due to missing text at the end of the sequence
  • Excessive character counts and parameters in dialogues no longer results in blank dialogue boxes and broken sequences
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by compound listeners on Reaction buttons
  • Reaction button text output to chat log no longer gets exponentially duplicated with each use
  • Reactions no longer mix up bit indexes when executing transitions
  • Fixed various grammar mistakes
  • Crystal Ball search character limit increased
  • Name input character limit increased
  • Space and enter keys no longer cause sequence to advance while typing within the Feedback window
  • OhBits system is now completely compatible with Addressables
  • Text no longer flows over the UI edges in the About Lustbound page
  • JOI session should feel longer now that Reactions do not add to the Arousal value
  • Laughing comments now have Reactions like any other comment
  • Warning messages are visible when playing online and trying to use the crystal ball
  • No more overlapping icons in dialogue box
  • Can no longer use Spaces-only keywords with crystal ball
  • Blank names or searches is no longer possible

  • Not changing: Pulsing peach logo Visual glitch ( Only occurs on WebGL and is not that visible)
  • Not changing: Blonde girl animation loop early (This is the result of a loading workaround)
  • Feedback: Don’t advance the JOI / OhBit while Reactions choices are open
    • We are looking into possible solutions, but it may not take the form of a pause like you are suggesting
  • Feedback: “Ignore instructions” ends the sequence abruptly
    • there is now a note saying the dialogue branch is not finished
  • Feedback : General: UX / Intro Flow
    • jj2468, please see the Trello board for in-depth response to your great feedback!

  • “Almost there” button to stop Estelle from transitioning to climax instructions too early
  • Alternative controls for righty’s (AKA: Hands free controls for Reactions and Choices during JOI)
  • More Sex-related audio
  • Ability to choose gender pronouns, not assuming the player is male
  • Audio controls to boost voice volume