February Update – OhBits & More

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February already!?

We have been so focused, we barely saw January go by! So let’s dive right into what we have been up to…

We started out the year with a bit of introspection, reviewing all the documentation for the game design of Lustbound with the resolution to solidify and polish the interactive Jack-Off Instruction (JOI)!

We present to you : the OhBits™ system!

You can think of it as Estelle’s artificial mind, guiding you through all sorts of sexy instructions to get you off.

What is an OhBit you ask?

If you are familiar with dialogue trees in video games, you will know that each chunk of dialogue is linked up to the next and so on to form dialogue branches. Even though the player can choose one branch or another, replaying the game and selecting the same choices will always result in the same outcome.

We wanted to create a system that generated completely new, intuitive interactions every time! To achieve this, we got inspired by a dominos set! Each OhBit (aka a piece of a story sequence) has a collection of tags that describe what the OhBit is all about, and additional tags and requirements that govern which OhBit the AI can choose to move to next. If one OhBit feels more appropriate than another, our system will be smart enough to determine that. At least that’s the theory!

With this design in mind, we’ve created the OhBits Designer Interface! This tool will make it easy for us to create new OhBits and modify existing ones. It allows us to craft your experiences as guided or as random as we want and prove our theory. Which is why, for now, the OhBits Designer Interface will remain a developer tool for us to use while designing the gameplay, but we are making it as user friendly as possible in the hopes that it will become part of the modding system for you to bring your own stories to life that much simpler!

OhBit Maker Interface

(as you can see here, you can either make a simple or very complex OhBit!)

JOI Demo Incoming

While Robo was busy setting up the back end of the OhBit system, Pinkalie and Mistress Minjulie, our new project manager / Dominatrix, were in charge of planning the requirements of our upcoming playable web-demo… You read that right! We are hoping to have you guys experience the OhBits system very soon! Say… maybe as early as next month! If everything goes well of course…

To make this possible, we decided to limit the demo to a ”text based adventure” for now…

But wait… what does that mean? Like no visual, no Estelle?

The answer is yes… BUT DO NOT PANIC!

This is only for the web-demo of the OhBits system. Our goal is to remove as much of the visual noise in order for both you and us, the devs, to focus on the gameplay. The 3D model of the companion as well as the interactive apartment will be back in subsequent demos once we know you guys are loving what our wonderful AI can make you do!

What’s next?

If you are interested in seeing a technical flow chart of the Demo, here is a diagram of the Player flow (AKA what you can do and click when you play the demo!)

User Flow

Once all the planning was out of the way, Pink set out to write instructions and interesting story lines for the OhBits system with the help of FlashBangZ. We got inspiration from our favorite JOI pᴏrn videos on the internet, but this got us curious:

– Do you, dear Patron, have a favorite JOI pᴏrn actress?
– Do you have a type of JOI pᴏrn or kinks that you would particularly love to experience in an interactive JOI scenario?
– Did you even know about JOI pᴏrn before now?

Please do share your thoughts with us on Discord!