January Update – A New Year!

Robofap Journal, Updates

Happy new year everyone!

We hope your holidays were filled with lots of fun and joy. We ourselves took a few weeks off after the Christmas update to rest up and recharge our inspiration going into the new year. Now we’re back and better than ever!

To start the new year right, we’ve hired a project management expert to help us better organize our Lustbound development tasks, that means one more to join our very naughty crew. She’s going to help us make sure that we take the most focused path possible towards finishing the Lustbound alpha, as well as put fire under our butts each week to make sure we stay on track and on time… Think of her as our new Dominatrix!

This will also help us while finalizing the progress meter we want to include in each upcoming post, which will keep you informed on exactly how close we are to finishing each version!

Oh yeah! On another note

We finally hooked up Pinkalie with a brand new workhorse computer to work on! No more getting distracted while her ancient outdated rig lags behind! The rest of the team is absolutely not jealous, at all… not one bit… Alright maybe we are…

Keep your eyes peeled next month for a more indepth progress report and a first look at how the JOI system works… We are prototyping as we speak and we can’t wait to show you the new systems that have been taking shape in our minds!

Lastly, like most of you probably have, we’ve made our new year resolutions. At the top of the list as you may have guessed, is to make some of The Best H-Games out there! Of course, we are still only at the alpha stage, but we hope we can bring you substantial updates in 2021 to get your feedback and solidify this game into the best version it can be! We want to thank everybody again for still sticking with us. You have no idea how important your help is. It truly is life changing! And we hope we can make it worth your while, you won’t regret it!

Here is to a happy new year filled with hot steamy JOI gameplay and many more updates to come!