Good News

Pinkalie Community

Hey everyone! I have some good news, and some more good news!

I’ll start with the good news

The stickers are out in the wild! That’s right, your stickers are officially in the mail! If you became a Patron or Subscriber before the 31st of April and have NOT received a private message confirming that your sticker is in the mail but still want to receive one, please send me your mailing address in a private message or by following the instructions in this video ( Please notify me if you do update your mailing info or else I might not see the address change right away.  

And the other good news?

Robo was hard at work last week setting up a bug / suggestion tracking system to give everyone an easy way to submit and track their issues directly within our project management software! You can find a link in the #bug-reports channel on our Discord.

This same system is also going to be our new center for collaboration. We will be able to work directly on our game design documents together, and have the possibility of making it public to share our ideas with you guys. This system also makes us ready to accommodate possible additional team members in the future!

What you can expect from us for the next couple of weeks

Robo and I are re-vamping all of Estelle’s systems in order to better accommodate the new sexy game-play we are cooking up for you guys. This means we are in heavy R&D mode, pretty much re-building Estelle from the ground up to allow for more accurate limb flexibility, better genitalia control and more customization possibilities moving forward! This means a more streamlined system, built with long term game development in mind.

You might not get your hands on a fresh new build for a little while as we solidify and link up every aspect of the system, but rest assured that we will be giving you more in-depth updates explaining all of the cool new features we have planned!

Much love,
Pink and Robo