June Update – JOI Demo Polishing

Robofap Game Dev, Journal

Finishing touches on the JOI system!

We’ve added what we call microphase bits. Microphases are basically unique segments during a JOI, which allow Estelle to serve you instructions, compliments and comments related to what’s currently happening in your session.

On top of this, we’ve added the reaction system, which lets you react at any time during a dialogue or instruction to affect the outcome. This is where you get to use your safe word, slow down or speed up the action when you’re about to cum, let Estelle know how much you like or dislike something, or simply complement her. The possibilities are endless!

Reactions will play an important role in letting the system keep track of your status too. For example, Estelle may ask you to edge your orgasm for as long as you can. The game will be keeping track of how long you can hold back, and the moment you use a reaction such as “I’m getting close”, Estelle will be able to comment on your performance.

Depending on her mood she might tease you further

trying to push you over the edge, or simply give you a moment to rest and then keep going. She’ll even be able recall your performance during future JOI sessions, and compliment you when you’re able to beat your previous records.

We’ve also polished the stroke visualizer

It now feels juicier and more inline with our art style! The ability to play back unique stroke patterns, at a speed and intensity which Estelle can freely decide on depending on her desires has also been added. What do you guys think?

We are now officially in the polishing phase of the JOI Demo!

Which means… you guys will be able to play it very soon! So soon in fact… we can confidently say it should be in your hands by the end of July!

So what’s left for the Demo to be complete?

Aside from some last minute polish we want to do to the menus, sounds and general flow of things, we want to jam pack the OhBit system with as many instructions as possible to offer you the best JOI experience right off the bat!

Plus… we have a surprise feature we’ve been working on that may keep you guys stimulated while you wait for the new and improved body of Estelle… Enjoy a little teaser of “The Crystal Ball”!

With this feature, your wish is it’s command! You only need to share your VERY SPECIFIC desires with Estelle and her Crystal Ball will display a slideshow of images while she gives you instructions! We think it’s pretty darn neat! …But you better be very precise with the search terms you are using, or else you might get a surprise with the results the Crystal ball will display…! But nonetheless, we think you guys will still have fun toying with it as is!

You can probably guess what our search term for this crystal ball was. (and yes it shows NSFW content too, don’t worry)

Lastly, we wanted to give you guys a little idea of what’s coming after the first version of the demo

Robo is waiting for his new Handy to arrive and can’t wait to start testing it. If all goes according to plan, the Handy will be our first supported “smart” toy; allowing Estelle to take you to new heights of pleasure while stroking you in real life to the in-game stroke visualizer and sex scenes!

We’ve also been writing and planning for the future versions of Lustbound and we can’t wait to show you more concepts and ideas after we publish the V1 demo! For now, all we can do is tease the setting… Modern Fantasy! Think of sharing an apartment with your magical girlfriend, brewing potions to enhance your sex lives and meeting magical creatures, you’ll be spell bound for sure…!

We hope you are just as excited as us for this upcoming demo, we can’t wait to get it in your hands!