May Update – Stroke Assistant

Robofap Game Dev

It’s that time again, so let’s jump right into it!

You may remember the beat meter we showcased last update. In case you don’t, this is the one:

After further testing, it wasn’t quite as satisfying to use while stroking as we thought it would be. It was missing something… then we remembered our x-ray demo, and thought… “wait a minute! We already have the perfect stroke visualization tool with all the bells and whistles we could ever want, and all we have to do is clean it up and drop it into the JOI system!“

So without further ado, here is the first version of…

The Stroke Assistant!

Your personal masturbation sessions will be guided by Estelle. Will you be able to please her? Can you make it to the end as she chooses the speed, depth and intensity of your strokes!?

Our stroke assistant is capable of an almost endless variety of patterns and rhythms which will be dynamically chosen by Estelle as she edges you to blissful release!

But like we mentioned, it’s only the first draft. Our goal is to make it as juicy as possible, by integrating it into the UI and swapping the Onahole / Fleshlight model for something a bit more pleasing.


We’ve been busy pushing our dialogue system to the limits. A massive amount of bug fixes, new and improved features and useful tools for working with OhBits have been added; moving us so close to the first complete 1.0 version of the OhBits system.

We may very well have just accidentally created one of the most advanced dialogue systems ever made! 🍑

It’s too much to list here, but for anyone interested here is a summary:

– A bazillion bug fixes in the OhBits system
— Also updated project which fixed a bunch more bugs
-Finalizing OhBit features
–Condition sets
–Weighted chances based on conditions
–Repeatable / spent OhBits
–Important tags
–Improved database search algorithms
–State modifications trickle down to other states
–Conditional choices
–Seeded deterministic randomization, lets you repeat a session by simply reusing the same seed. Also allows for easily reproducible issues when reporting a bug or sharing a session with others
–Bit validation elegantly skips OhBits that don’t meet bit requirements
–Color coding of different OhBit elements to make them visually easier to work with
–OhBit debug tool to make working with OhBits a pleasure for us and later on the mod community

While we did mention this a few times already, bringing the dialogue / OhBit system to a nearly complete and fully featured state, before getting too deep into other features, is an important thing we have to do now.

Think of the OhBit system as the glue that will hold all of the other systems and features together, so making it a priority right now is going to save us a lot of work and headaches later on.