June Update – The Apartment

Robofap Game Dev, Journal

Body shape references

Before we get to the new apartment artwork, we want to thank you so much for all your submissions to the survey we put out early last month! Pink has organised them into her reference folder and will be using them as inspiration for the body presets!

Now on to the development progress!

Character advancements

The character system now has the ability to constrain the body to garments such as bras, corsets, shoes and so much more! Imagine a corset automagically lifting and squeezing the breasts…we think it’s pretty cool!

Clothing Constraints

Some of you might have noticed that we already had this in our Companion After Dark demo (which you can try out here by the way). It used to take both Robo and Pink a ton of tweaking to put a single item into the game. With our new system, this can now be done quickly and easily by Pink alone!

We’ve also hired a talented rigging artist to assist Pink in finalizing the character rig and animation controls. Expect more in depth character updates soon!

A place to call her own

We purchased a beautiful little apartment for our lovely Estelle (that’s what we call our default female character by the way!) to live in while she waits for you to get home. While it’s only a start, it has everything she needs to be comfortable and gives us a great launching off point for the environment system. We’ll be continuously adding new furniture, toy and interaction options as we go.

Side by side, new and old hand comparison.

Apartment Sneak Peak

Quality and performance

Robo has gone to great lengths to ensure the environment both performs and looks great while in-game. Most of the quality settings have been laid out, and there will be a ton of options for tweaking the graphics to match whatever your computer can handle!

Note: This is not a pre-rendered environment like in AA2! It is completely 3D rendered in real-time, and will be fully explorable, with character shadowing, dynamic lighting and interactivity!

Controls and interaction

Until the male character is made, you’ll be able to navigate the apartment using our new first person controller, which smoothly transitions to the character editor when interacting with your lovely waifu and then back to first person when you’re done customizing.

Transition Controls

This is possible thanks to the new interaction system we’ve added, which will allow for all kinds of interactivity to be added around the apartment. The possibilities are endless, playing with toys, opening doors, turning things on and off, cooking, getting handsy and so much more!

Having a little fun with the new input controls!

One more example of interaction we’ve added is the possibility to load up your favorite Pornhub video (or Youtube ASMR, or whatever else gets you off) on the TV to watch while you’re chilling with your waifu or perhaps doing other naughty things 😉

Interaction System

Sneak peak

We know you’re hella anxious to get your hands on the first alpha build, and we can’t wait either; but until the basic character customization is stable, and has a few hot and steamy sex animations, you’ll have to hold on for just a little longer.

In the meantime though, we’ve put together a 180 SBS VR ready video so that you can get acquainted first hand with the new apartment and start feeling at home right now!

Download – 4K VR Sneak Peak!
(requires a VR headset, you’ll know what to do if you’ve watched VR porn)
We recommend watching it in DeoVR Video Player on PC based headsets or Skybox VR Player on the Oculus Go.

If you don’t have a headset, check it out on Youtube!