November Update – Back in Business!

Robofap Game Dev

Hello everyone!

Between moving house and surgery it has been a very full month for Robo and Pink, but thankfully everything went well and they are finally settling into their new lives!

Robo has a nice little setup to code from the comfort of his couch until he can return to sitting at a desk, and Pink has her cute little rustic office space. (kitty included)

The new office and our little muse

First order of business

We decided to address one of your concerns as our first priority this month, the lack of specular and/or glossiness on our characters.

Some of you pointed out that the skin falls a bit flat due to the lack of spec, and we are well aware of this. We’ve been working to re-add it, bringing back the depth and realism that it gave the skin shader in our original prototype.

Added specular to skin shader

The eyes also needed an update to bring back the glossiness as well as transparency so that the cornea can once again give the eyes the same amount of detail that makes them feel more alive and real.

Improved eye shader

Throwback to the old model and shader… Boy has she ever come a long way!

Old Sample

Input driven animation

You might remember this GIF from our April post:

Mouse Driven Motion Capture

What we never elaborated however, was that this animation was not an animation at all, but the result of moving the mouse around while the characters followed that movement in real-time!

Originally only meant as a developer tool for dynamic animation, we thought giving players the ability to pose and then move parts of each character by hand would open up the door to easier modding when it comes to furniture or scenarios that require custom poses and animations.

Ultimately we would like it to be part of a creative-like mode, but for the time being it is more of a “for fun” feature; at least until we figure out exactly how it will mesh in with our gameplay and/or modding tools.

Other games have made great use of this mechanic, and we’re hoping to be able to add it to Lustbound in a meaningful way for everyone to play with!

Here’s to lots of sexy fun ahead!