October Update – Alpha Preparations

Robofap Game Dev, Journal

Hi guys!

We hope you’ve all had a pleasurable month. Ours has been pretty busy, so let’s dig into this update, shall we?

She’s alive!

After months of showing you a vacant eyed Estelle, Pink has finally given her a simple smile and blink idle… it’s like night and day!

A Smile and a Haircut

The character system now has a new bald and short hairstyle to pave the way for making male characters.

More Eyebrows

We also added some eyebrows to change up her face a bit and the ability to colour her lips. More exciting facial customisation such as eye shape and lip shape will be coming once the Alpha is out!


Of course nothing is ever fully finished, and much more customization will be added over time.

Alpha preparations

Speaking of which, to prepare for the impending alpha version of Lustbound, we’ve started cleaning up the rough edges around the apartment scene to get everything ready for you.

Tons of obvious bugs were fixed (no more glitching through the floor while getting close to your lover), proper environment colliders and navmashes were added, and interactable items were cleaned up and polished.

An in depth graphical settings panel was also added in order to get a better idea of the games performance on the wide range of computers you all have.

Get ready to explore your new home away from home worry free!

Minor Bug…

Modding tools

Robo started implementing the first version of the official Lustbound modding system. We’ve found a super elegant solution that will let you guys easily get your custom content into the game!

Modders will be able to work right within Unity, using our custom made tools. Anything that can be assembled in Unity (models, textures, shaders, scripts, animations etc) will be exportable and shareable in our own custom .lust (name still TBD) file format, and then directly usable in Lustbound by dropping it into the mods folder and enabling it through our in-game mod manager.

The look of the mod menu may change a bit in the future, to accommodate the other types of mods we want to support.

Mod Menu Prototype

Initially, the first version will be limited to apartment props only; but once the character system is completed, you’ll also be able to create your own clothing, hairstyles, animations etc.We’ll do our best to offer good documentation and tutorials to make everything as easy as possible for you guys to keep custom content flowing.

Gameplay mechanics

While it’s still too early to demo, we’ve been experimenting with Cock Hero / JOI style gameplay! Currently we’re working on a JOI script between you and your lover as a self contained scenario to hopefully include in the alpha version of Lustbound.

Beat Meter Reference

We’re super excited about this type of gameplay, as being directed while masturbating adds a whole new level of immersion and excitement to your wank sessions! Will you be able to last until she says you can cum!?

This will pretty much be the first scenario we work on, besides the sandbox option. That way you have a good overview of what we plan in the future.

If you so desire, you can already listen to a small sample of the voice that will be speaking to you here!

The coming month

On a more personal note, a small number of you may have already heard that the main developers (Pink and Robo) are moving house this month. We’re super excited to find new inspiration and motivation in our new town and home / office space!

Some of this month will be spent packing and unpacking boxes and settling into the new place. Shortly after the big move, Robo is finally having a surgery that he’s desperately needed for a while now. Here’s hoping his recovery is as short and as painless as possible.

Needless to say, the month of October is going to be a little hectic for us, so the next update might be a little late or smaller than usual; but we should be back up to speed quickly.

As always, a big “thank you!” to everybody that supported us through the months since development started. Especially with everything going on in the world, it’s amazing to see that so many people support this.

We’ll make sure that you don’t regret it! We can’t wait for you guys to finally have a chance to sink your teeth into the alpha!