August Update – X-ray Incoming!

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Hey Everyone! Firstly, we want to thank you all for the positive feedback and amazing ideas you’ve been sharing with us. We’re having an absolute blast creating the framework for Lustbound, and we couldn’t …

July Update – Engine and Lighting Improvements

Robofap Game Dev

Hey everyone! This months update was focused largely on under the hood engine upgrades, lighting improvements and preparing for the upcoming character rigs. Real-time global illumination We showcased some fantastic looking baked lighting last …

April Update

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Hello Everyone! Robo here to update you on what we have been up to during the month of April! It’s been an exciting month For Pink and I, we’ve made great strides in realizing …

Nudica modules featured image.

Nudica Modules

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What is a Nudica module? Nudica modules are basically containers, each one holding a self contained system or game mechanic for us to use in the development of our games. We like to think …

Estelle posing for featured image.


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With much pleasure, we would like to introduce you to the starlet of our first project, Estelle. What started as an exercise in customization possibilities, quickly blossomed into the woman you will all soon …